Budget-Friendly Bulk Appreciation Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Budget-Friendly Bulk Appreciation Gifts Your Employees Will Love
August 2, 2022
Budget-Friendly Bulk Appreciation Gifts Your Employees Will Love

One of the key aspects for enhancing overall company culture and facilitating better engagement within an organization is employee appreciation.

Your staff will start to feel more integrated into the workplace and produce more when they’re successful and feel appreciated for their efforts.


Why Making Employees Feel Appreciated is a Must

To have satisfied and effective employees, it’s crucial to ensure that your staff members feel valued and appreciated. But it goes beyond money alone —it requires careful attention.

Instead of continually showering them with incentives, expressing gratitude to your employees for their efforts and outputs is more likely to benefit your company in the long run.

Furthermore, the goal is to nurture your staff so that they want to succeed and advance your company because of mutual respect –not just because it is profitable.

The various benefits of making your staff members feel valued are noted here:


Reason 1: It promotes loyalty

Recognized employees are 63% less likely to look for a new job. While another 44% of workers change jobs because they feel unappreciated.


The stereotype of the millennial generation as job-hoppers has existed for a while. Employers can expect millennials to have a long list of work flaws, according to a new employee study by Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, but the opposite is actually true.

When there are managers who seem to care about them and learning opportunities are available, millennials are engaged at work and the majority has a clear grasp of what's expected of them.

When asked what they wanted to be appreciated for, a further 85% of millennials expressed that they wished to be acknowledged for exceeding their own performance standards, 80% for getting a promotion, and 79% for meeting team performance objectives.


Reason 2: It boosts morale

82% of employees feel unappreciated, hence, affecting productivity, profitability, and morale. While another 40% claim they would work harder if they were recognized more frequently.

A Reward Gateway study found that 70% of workers thought motivation and morale would improve if managers simply said "thank you" more often and acknowledged exceptional work.

To encourage an employee to perform more than what the company asks, employee appreciation should be used. When they do well, recognize their small wins. This will boost confidence and enable them to link their personal goals with those of the company.

A successful work culture relies on high employee morale. Collective positive attitude helps create a happy work environment.


Reason 3: It increases productivity

Deloitte found that companies with recognition programs have 14% higher employee productivity, performance, and engagement levels than those without.

Moreover, according to Gallup research, companies that increase the number of employees they recognize each week can benefit from various results, including:

⁄   Work quality increased by 24%

⁄   Absenteeism decreased by 27%

⁄   Employees leaving work reduced by 10%

There's no denying that appreciation can boost productivity and employee engagement.


Reason 4: It improves your brand reputation

 Regular recognition of employees can have a big impact on workplace culture. It encourages employees to study, explore, and grow.

Due to the positive effects made on little things, employees become fully integrated members of the business family and strive for the success of the company.

Giving useful (and thoughtful) swag items as a token of gratitude is a great way to raise staff morale and improve brand reputation.

They will be reminded of the company each time they use, wear or see corporate gifts as part of their daily routine, forging a much-needed physical link to the company.

Additionally, it nurtures bond and teamwork. When you give a team a set of branded mugs, caps, or other goods, you give them a tangible item to build their identity around. 


How to Make Employees Feel Valued

Different businesses use various methods to acknowledge their employees.

For instance, some may directly speak with the employee and offer them public praise. Others might hold a quarterly awards ceremony to honor employees who perform well.

While these initiatives may be effective, they exclude the majority of your staff —many of whom may never receive recognition from leadership.

This is why you need to devise ways for rewarding things like:

⁄   Dedication

⁄   Small wins

⁄   Effort put forth for growth or stretch projects

⁄   Or send a simple "thank you" note that they're part of your team

We recommend purchasing employee appreciation gifts in bulk at Soxcessful if you're ordering items for a huge number of employees.

Doing so ensures that the effort each of your employees puts in each day is acknowledged. Any industry, including healthcare, law, and corporations can practice this.

Rewarding your nurse practitioners, assistants, or secretaries is a breeze when you buy employee appreciation gifts in bulk. If, however, you're worried that bulk items will cost a bit much, Soxcessful has great news for you! You can buy gift items at affordable prices!


What are Great Appreciation Gifts your Employees will Love?

You want to be able to express gratitude without breaking the bank. This way, you can practice it regularly within your company.

So how can you offer appreciation on a budget?

The key is finding something that everyone will enjoy and be able to use. Not too big—it's actually the little things that matter.

You might want to get a desk ornament for secretaries, for instance. And you can buy a nurse something functional like a stylish smartphone case that clips to their pocket.


What are Unique Appreciation Gifts for Employees?

Who says you can't be creative even if you're buying inexpensive employee appreciation gifts in bulk?

Here, we've put together a list of unique employee appreciation gifts you can consider buying:

1. Skinny tumblers

2. Inspirational team keychains

3. Herbal tea

4. Candle gift basket

5. "Thank you" keyring

6. Motivational pens

7. Meditation Subscription (via Shine, Headspace, or Calm)

8. Stainless steel infuser

9. Cellphone holders

10. Scratch off Lotto tickets

11. Personalized beach towels

12. Snickerdoodles (cookies-in-a-jar)

13. Gourmet popcorn gift card

14. Cutting board w/ company logo design

15. Customized wood corkscrew & multi-tool

It's not only during Christmas and other holidays that you send thank you gifts to your staff. This can become an annual or even bi-annual company custom.


Plus, with Soxcessful, you can show you care with personalized budget-friendly employee appreciation gifts!

This is only the beginning of a specialized employee experience program that consistently demonstrates your appreciation for your team.