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Interactive Floors
Interactive Floors
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The LED Dance floor is a new digital terrestrial display device, using an asynchronous control method to achieve high-resolution video. High-strength chassis ABS materials for the base, tempered glass for the panel, can be connected seamlessly next panel.
The entire lamp body, sophisticated, high-end, beautiful, generous, perfect for performance as disco stage, concert and T-stage, etc.


1.  Can be connected seamlessly, stampede, and rainproof LED ground display screen.
2.  Perfect 3D effects, running independently, and RGB color can vary, bright color, fast response, perfect display effect, high reliability.
3.  Energy-saving and environmental protection, no need for an auxiliary cooling device, natural heat dissipation, no noise.
4.  IP55 Waterproof Grade, suit for indoor and outdoor
5.  Using a fixed dock connector installation: simple, convenient, fast, smooth
6.  WIFI,Remote,SD and DMX functions
7.  High-strength chassis ABS materials for the base, tempered glass for the panel, the entire lamp body, slim, sophisticated, high-end, beautiful, generous;
8.  Wireless remote control operation or software-independent software control operation to achieve the desired effect of customers; and with audio control and DMX control


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