How to Order Personalized Appreciation Gifts for Employees

How to Order Personalized Appreciation Gifts for Employees
July 20, 2022
How to Order Personalized Appreciation Gifts for Employees

If anyone deserves special recognition, it's your employees —the people who pour energy and countless hours into making your company a success. Gifts are an excellent way of showing your gratitude for your team members and their contributions. And the right gift can create a meaningful, memorable moment.

Gift-giving is said to be a form of art. As with any creative act, it can be difficult to know where to begin or how to order awesome employee appreciation gifts. Fortunately, you can drive employee performance with just a click of your mouse!

Say you have a team of seven and you'd love to get them each their own water bottle. One with their name on it - made especially for them - but you don't meet the minimum requirement of many promotional sites, and you're looking for (at least) something more than Sharpie baked onto a coffee mug.

This is where we step in.

Here, we've curated a custom list that's meant to help you think up of the ideal gift that's uniquely made for a specific person —whether you need to order for two or a hundred team members.

How to Order Custom Employee Appreciation Gifts 

Soxcessful has made it super easy to order a personalized gift that's uniquely according to your need, thanks to our online product customization tool.Yay!

For customization of tokens and gift items, just go to our Source It page, select the item you like, fill out the fields, and viola!


Top Customizable Employee Appreciation Gifts

  • Ceramic planters
  • Pen sets
  • Journals
  • Stainless steel water bottles
  • Wireless bluetooth speakers
  • Power bank clips
  • Stress-reliever toys
  • Gift sets or bundles
  • Tech accessories
  • Lapel pins
  • Company-branded swags (e.g. sweatshirts or phone cases)

Employee appreciation gifts are a great way to boost employee morale especially after a particularly difficult project or company transition. Whatever employee appreciation gift you choose for the occasion, make sure to emphasize the reason for giving it when you give it. Whether it is to recognize a specific attribute of an employee or a remarkable instance of above-and-beyond performance, it is essential to tie your token of appreciation to something larger.

Remember that employee appreciation gifts should be part of a bigger scheme for showing your employees how much you appreciate and honor their contributions.


When to Celebrate Employee Appreciation?

The official Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated every first Friday of March. Mark this in your calendar to ensure that you take advantage of this special day —although you can absolutely have as many employee appreciation events as you want at any time of the year. Doing this helps keep your team engaged and enjoying their work. Employee appreciation is backed by research, with benefits that include:

⁄   improved productivity

⁄   increased loyalty

⁄   greater satisfaction

⁄   less stress

⁄   less absenteeism

⁄   better employee retention

Oftentimes, employee engagement is low, with the vast majority of global employees feeling alienated in their jobs. Boost employee retention - and improve your company's bottom line - by expressing genuine gratitude to employees throughout the year —and not just on Employee Appreciation Day.

 There are numerous ways to communicate that you consider your people to be your most valuable asset, from verbal praise, thriving rewards, and offering competitive benefits to recognition programs.


Year-round Employee Appreciation Ideas

Besides giving Employee Appreciation Day gifts, here are some fun and touching ways to celebrate great work from your team:

⁄   Give your team desk plants

⁄   Gift a massage

⁄   Provide corporate discounts

⁄   Give personal handwritten thank-you notes

⁄   Provide team breakfast

⁄   Bring pizza or host a potluck

⁄   Bring baked goods to weekly morning round table

⁄   Give them coffee credit

⁄   Give a gift of framed team photo

⁄   Play office games or provide recreation during breaks

⁄   Offer extra vacation time

⁄   Offer catered lunch for the entire team

⁄   Offer ongoing educational opportunities

⁄   Offer lunch with senior leadership

⁄   Give a self-care kit (with facial rollers, essential oils, etc.)

⁄   Give “stay comfy” swags (for their relaxation nooks at home)

⁄   Give “welcome back” box (for those returning from leaves)

⁄   Provide commuter benefits

⁄   Have a "take your child to work" day

⁄   Host a "take your pet to work" day

⁄   Some travel perks

⁄   Happy hour cocktail kit

⁄   Give them books (i.e. anything related to their work or interest/hobby)

⁄   Provide snack packs (i.e. personalized package of ALL their favorite snacks)

⁄   Give them a night in town (e.g. gift cards for restaurants, seats at a basketball game, etc.)

⁄   Offer longer free time (e.g. leave for home early or an extra time for lunch)

⁄   Offer home services (e.g. house cleaning, laundry delivery, meal delivery, etc.)

⁄   Give curated specialty items (e.g. bamboo lunch box, custom blue-light glass, compact tech backpack, acupressure mat & pillow set, etc.)

⁄   Send a digital reward (this gives employees freedom to pick their own gift –no need to do guesswork)


Custom employee appreciation gifts, as well as appreciation events, demonstrate your gratitude for hard working staff! Whether it's upscale-and-practical gifts for sales stars,  associate awards for a recognition dinner, memorable rewards for milestones, or "just because" giveaways for a little thank-you token on their desks, each souvenir and every gesture go a long way toward keeping your people happy! 

Go ahead and checkout Soxcessful for inspiration and ideas on the best employee appreciation gifts –or even company events!